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Mary Winchester

Mary Winchester

Mary Winchester is a qualified Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience. She is a mother of three children and in addition to being the owner and operator of Mumsntums, she works at Christchurch Women’s Hospital part time as an antenatal and postnatal Physiotherapist.  She loves the outdoors (biking, tramping, camping) and music.

You can also see Mary for private physiotherapy treatment at Womens Health Physiotherapy.


“I am passionate about teaching women how best to exercise in order to maximise their pregnancy and to restore their bodies after childbirth. Being a Mum is an awesome privilege and responsibility and I think, Mums often forget about looking after ourselves.” – Mary Winchester, Mumsntums

Jacqui Bath

Mumsntums instructor Jacqui Bath

Jacqui has been a physio for a dozen years and works in community and musculoskeletal physio as well as teaching our North Christchurch classes. She has a toddler and is expecting another baby this year, so is in the same boat as our news mums! She enjoys outdoor adventures with her young family and tries to fit in social sports.


Carley Bouman

Mumsntums instructor Carley BoumanCarley has worked as a physiotherapist for 10 years. She is a mother of three young ones so she has experienced the benefits of these classes first hand! She enjoys getting out and about with the family and trying new things.