Postnatal swiss ball basics

78779583Wednesday  evenings, at the Christchurch South Library  7:05pm.

Term 3 for 2021 is from August 4th – September 22nd  (8 weeks). The course cost for the 8 week term is $170

Exercises to music on a Swiss Ball and on the floor. This class is suitable for anyone who is at least 12 weeks postpartum and will help you to restore your core and pelvic floor. Many mums are 2-5 years postpartum in this class!

Back pain and pelvic pain after child birth can be reduced with strengthening these muscles. This programme is also a good stepping stone into other exercise. Get your core firm before trying to get back into cycling or running and you will be less likely to have other injuries. In this class you will also be assessed to see if you have abdominal separation and advised with exercises accordingly.

By using the Swiss ball you will also strengthen your whole trunk and upper and lower limbs. The exercises will be gradually progressed over the 8 weeks to enable you to strengthen safely. As they are small classes the physiotherapist will make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and at a level suitable for you.

All classes are  45 minute sessions with a maximum of 10 people per class. All instructors are qualified physiotherapists.

You will need to bring your own Swiss Ball.

To book, call 027 686 6899 or send us a message: