Mums and babies swiss ball class

Friday mornings at the Mcfadden Centre, 64 Mcfaddens road, St Albans, Christchurch

Term  3  is from August 5th- September 23rd   (8 weeks) at 11am


You will need to have your own Swiss Ball, and if you like a mat or throw for baby to lie on. This class involves exercises to music on a Swiss ball and on the floor. This class is suitable for any mum from 12 weeks postpartum. It is an evening class so that you can bring baby with you. But the online class is also recorded so if you cant attend live for some reason you can watch the recording another time! It is recommended to do the floor class before this one unless you have already done previous core strengthening.

All classes are  45 minute sessions. All instructors are qualified physiotherapists.

You will need to bring your own Swiss Ball.
To book, call 027 686 6899 or send us a message:

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